Double Your Dating: Confidence With Women

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The #1 thing that all women find attractive is CONFIDENCE. Unfortunately, most of us guys never got “formal training” on how to be an assertive, in-charge man. Check out the ideas on this page and become the kind of confident guy women are naturally attracted to.

The Secret Reason Men Fail With Women

Have you ever been so nervous on a first date, that by the end of the night you KNEW your out of control emotions had just BLOWN your chances with a great woman? Don't let this happen again - read this David D. article…

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Try THIS When a Woman Treats You Badly

Does fear of rejection or rudeness stop you from approaching or meeting women? Watch this video tip and find out an exact phrase you can use to turn the table on ANYONE who treats you badly, and lose your fear of rejection for good.

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Overcome The Fear of Meeting Women

Hooked on a woman who doesn't even notice you? Think your body language is holding you back from attracting women? Can't make a woman laugh? Read these questions from real readers… and check out David D.' shocking responses…

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Dealing with Competition From Guys

If you want more women in your life - or one special woman - sooner or later you're going to have to learn how to deal with competition from other men.

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How To Boost Your Confidence With Women

Most guys WANT to be more confident. And for good reason - it's the #1 thing that women are attracted to. But what can you do to boost it?

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